Reviews: The Angry Joe Show

Not bad.

He's pretty good. His jokes are decent, and he's a nice actor. He doesn't meet Nostalgia Critic standards, but who does? My only complaint is that he swears almost all the time. ESPECIALLY in his Sonic Free Riders review. But he's not bad overall.

A 7.5/10.

Amusing but not the most trustworthy reviewer

He's normally pretty good, pointing out the good and the bad in whatever game he reviews but he can sometimes lose objectivity when reviewing a game he's been particularly hyped about. His Skyrim review is a major example of this as he focuses on minor details like being able to catch butterflies and people reacting to stuff you drop on the ground and barely touches on the plot or mechanics of the game, clearly trying to avoid saying anything bad about it. Take his reviews with a grain of salt. Still worth watching, if only for his on-screen antics.

Meh, he could be good, but not as good as the AVGN...

I mean, he's angry, but he's sorta not. Angry Joe? More like hyperactive Joe. Hell, the AVGN has every reason to be pissed, because the games he plays are shit. Joe doesn't really get mad over some of the games he reviews, and his jokes aren't that funny. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and all, but I don't see him as the next AVGN.