Reviews: Mega Tokyo

A Good Gateway Series

I'm going to start off be saying Megatokyo got me into webcomics. I was already into anime and manga when I read it in book form, and I thought it was the l33t35t thing ever. It was funny, well-drawn, had a plot and I could relate to it. I kinda lost interest when it didn't update for long periods of time, and now for me it doesn't compare to Gunnerkrigg Court, Girl Genius, or Archipelago. On it's own, I'd still say it's more bad then good and that it doesn't deserve all the negative opinions thrown at it by people disappointed that Rodney Caston left. Whatever effect it had on the comic, whatever the reason, it's ancient history. I'd also say it's a good Gateway Series into webcomics because it's published and can pull people in without them even being aware what they're reading, it will appeal to anime and manga fans, and the slow updates let you know what you're in for if you do get into it. Most webcomics will end up leaving you hanging after an Archive Binge; that's just the way it is. For it's faults, for me some of the character's were forgettable and almost like reading O Cs in a fanfiction. The further out a character got from Largo and Piro, the less I cared. The art is of YMMV quality; if you like sketchy drawings, you'll love it. If sketchiness bothers you, an actual anime from Japan is definitely more up your alley. The plot developed serious Cerebrus Syndrome after Rodnay Caston left, which is again, something YMMV on. I like both the art and the plot, but that's my last thing: while reading it you'll probably either Love It Or Hate It. That's likely to turn into a case of Like it or Hate it when Fred doesn't update. You will probably get bored waiting, and you may forget important events or characters, which for me, is a major flaw in the story. A Love It Or Hate It story is fine, but the last thing you want is for your story to be predictable. Overall, I'd say it's worth a shot. Stick to the books if you think the update schedule will bug you, and if the comic starts to bug you around 300-400 pages in, you know why. Also, remember to read the xkcd parody after you get bored of it, because that's just plain hilarious.