Reviews: Jack


Jack is an extremely insightful and dark look at the afterlife. Don't be fooled by the animal cast and drawing style, this comic is as disturbing as it can get. You meet every character introduced as they move toward their death (or avoid it), and the Grim Reaper Jack taking them to judgment. True to the dark outlook, most of the characters end up in hell, with all of the disturbing ideas possible to your imagination coming true to the nicest, kindest, and sometimes most innocent of characters. Whether you are following Fnar, an unborn child awaiting his chance to enter heaven from hell once he is old enough, or following a longtime resident of hell like Silverblue, you see the horror that hell brings and all the devices it uses to live up to its name. Not every resident of hell is truly evil, most live in the Necropolis just biding their days trying to avoid death in afterlife at the hands of either the monsters of hell, like the Umberdogs, the dark residents, such as the Nams (war veterans who commited every crime imaginable) and every other psycopath and killer, or most dangerously of all, the Sins of whcih Jack is Wrath. He is the kindest of the lot, the most sympathetic Sin, and it is not hard for him to be so. Gluttony is made up of a cannibal husband in wife sharing one body, Lust is a serial rapist and killer Drip, Greed is a mutilated cult leader. Sloth is the ground in hell itself, unable to get rest. The plot of Jack revolves around small stories involving the deaths of many different characters, from a doctor researching cancer, to the victims of killers. Occasionally a larger piece of a major narrative will take place, such as the different sins of hell causing accidents back on earth towards some greater and yet unknown end. On these and many other occasions, Jack will work with angels, such as Reckonin, Central and Farrago, all who try and help him with saving souls. The most intersting stories however, are those of damned souls redeeming themselves, such as Fnar helping an empty shell called Bonavin and a shade called Addy find happiness, or Cliff and Lita restoring Drip to his former self(accidentaly of course). Silverblue's arc is one of the most disturbing and at the same time the most redeeming, as it shows the start of souls redeeming themselves in the story. You will either love Jack or hate it, it is up to you to decide