Reviews: How It Should Have Ended

Either really clever, or utterly sellout.

EDIT: The series has really improved since when I wrote this. Thumbs up, guys.

How It Should Have Ended is at its best when it does exactly what it claims it does: show how movies should have ended. But it's at its worst when it tries too hard to remain relevant to the times and to parody movies that are only recently out. As a result, it ends up making rather shallow parodies that only force lampshades in obvious places, and waste a perfectly good chance to analyze the movie's plot holes.

Take my favorite two, the Predator and The Wizard of Oz shorts. Both of them are great and hilarious because their humor comes from discovering a Just Eat Gilligan plot hole that ends up changing the entire movie. Then they play that out to its logical course. It's hilarious to see the whole plot of the movie ends in minutes, then see that resolved conflict create a new course that causes bigger problems.

On the other hand, look at my least favorite, the Halo: Reach short. It parodies a scene that never happened in the actual game. Carter never made any Tempting Fate statements about his crew, no hints were ever given about Noble Team's deaths, and Six never had any spot where he should been more Genre Savvy. There's many different plot holes the Halo: Reach short could have pointed out, like "why didn't the Super MACs orbiting Reach just blow the supercarrier out of the sky" or "why couldn't a Marine switch with Six's place and man the Mass Driver instead". Even some later shorts that do spot a possible new plotline waste it anyway, like The Dark Knight short. So you've got The Joker in the hospital because Batman did run him over. Why not show how much MORE Crazy-Prepared he is and now have him, say, rolling out of the hospital with a machine gun on his gurney? Instead we get a "because I'm Batman" joke again. It used to be funny, now it's not.

HISHE would benefit from taking a slower pace instead of falling into We're Still Relevant, Dammit territory. It should take the time to let the fan's opinions settle, search around to see what plot holes people have pointed out, then work off of that. That's certainly much better than just showing us the whole movie again, this time with a lampshade hung everywhere.