Reviews: Broken Saints

It changed me

Broken Saints was a really strange sit for me. I think it took me until chapter 18 or so to really evn decide if I liked it or not. It is by no means perfect and any attempt to tell this story again could benefit from changing a lot... And yet there was just this chill running through me when it was all over. Something saying, "Wow, it's time to reexamine some of my choices and my attitude."

Negatives first: It's a VERY slow burn the first time you watch it. It feels like it takes ages to move forward and it's frankly hard to tell when it does. This story, flat out, did not have to be ten hours long. And early on it's pretty easy to believe it's kind of up its own ass in how characters just keep talking on and on. It's all part of a bigger puzzle, but a lot of the writing is just so obtuse and pacing so slow that it's easy to sit and ask "What did this have to do with what again?" I can't believe I'm saying this, but it may behoove you to take notes your first time. And get ready for assholes, because there are a lot of them running around and being focused on for the early chunks.

Now with that said: The story is masterfully intentional. If you kinda hate a chunk of the cast early on, that's okay, because redemption is a major theme. If you can sit through the important but tedious stuff early, there is one hell of a payoff. And if you start to feel nothing but apathy, I urge you to continue viewing. The elements early on that feel pretentious end up being seriously, frighteningly multi-layered. Somehow, in spite of overblow soliliquies and purple prose, I had this feeling that Broken Saints GETS people. Our fears, our insecurities, our everything.

The climax is masterful. In my mind, not only a work of art, but a shining beacon in a world too often consumed with darkness and cynacism. I cried when it was over, and said to myself that not only do we all need that beacon sometimes, but we all need to be it sometimes.

I don't really know what Broken Saints is. A comic? A series? Fantasy? Sci fi? I really don't know. I wish it was more accessable to a casual viewer, as it feels like its message and ideas grow more poigniant every day. If you're along for the ride, but be sure to see it through. It may just change how you look at the world.