Reviews: Magicka

Game Breaking Technical and Balance Issues, Not Just Me

I got this game after I saw a video of it. The first time it was enjoyable, although many people complained about the technical issues. I was just glad I didn't run into any of them until level 5 where the game crashed when I killed the boss. So I got stuck for really long until someone said that the boss had to be killed by fire or the game will crash. So I did that and completed the rest of the game without any serious issues. Some time later I noted a control inconsistencies when casting. My items were affecting what order the keys could be pressed to enchant a weapon, which lead to me wasting many spellcasts. Also in several of the challenge maps the enemies were just stuck inside their spawn which made it impossible to complete. I replayed the campaign but this time half the time the game would crash when I completed a level. I went to the forums and sure enough, tons of people were complaining about that problem. Also, there are balance issues with the dwarf priests that can kill you in one hit by launching a super fast boulder, and elementals and elemental skeletons are ridiculously resistant to almost everything. And the troll with the machine gun that takes off a third of your health in one hit and knocks you down. There are 12 of them in the final wave of one of the challenge maps. In summary: The game crashes half the time you complete a level, what weapons you use affect the required keystrokes to enchant a weapon(this was not intentional design and if it was it would be very annoying), enemies can one shot you with super fast projectiles and have machine guns that stun lock you and kill in 3 hits.