Reviews: Legacy Of Kain

Defiance is a wonderful thing

LOK: Defiance was the first PS2 game of the series I played. Make sure if it's your first in the series that it has the manual and read it, or you'll be really confused. I got it from my older cousins because I wanted something new and challanging, well, I got what I wanted...and more. The story and voice-acting are wonderful,it's lovely that all the voice-actors stayed the same from LOK: Soul Reaver 2 to Defiance. The first few times around the game, the enemies are some times, hard and confusing, but fun, like Taurel (?) with the gongs.

Switching between Raziel and Kain is fun because of their different limits and abilities. What with Raziel being able to swim and glide, while Kain is not able to, thus requiring the different, yet some times the same routes, during which you get to see how the place has changed in 500 years time.

Raziel in Vorador's Mansion is fun, unless you get the 'stuck in the spirit realm' glitch that can happen. The light and dark-orb puzzle is one of the best ones by my count. The Avernis (?) Cathedral is a cool place, but the Hylden are annoying, yet, cool looking.

Now, what can I say about the Reaver ? It's almost too cool for words. I have to say for Kain's, I like the red part of the Balance emblem, the most. Or it's tied for the green Dimension part, which is also awesome. For Raziel, I like the fire reaver cause it's awesome setting the shadow-things on fire.

Overall, Defiance might be hard, but it's still a lot easier than Soul Reaver 2. Which by the way, sure it had way more weapons, but the puzzles are far more time consuming and annoying than fun. So, I'd recommend Defiance any time, thanks for reading people and I hope you try it.