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Artoon's Mediocrity
The first Yoshi's Island was a great game. It had greats visuals, it had fun level design, fun power ups like the transformations and it had great music. in short, it was a unique game. I could do without Baby Mario's constant whining when you get hit or Poochie though. Yoshi's Story while it had it's moments was just ok, but it was too simple and easy.

However in 2006, Yoshi had a sequel named Yoshi's Island DS, which was devoleped by the team Artoon. The results were not impressive. The music? Well the soundtracks was medicore. The levels themselves were bland and forgettable and at the worst of times they were unfair. the different babies would have been nice, but it was tedious to switch out babies and some of them i found lame like Wario and Baby Bowser. The only thing was above passable was the graphics. It was just an ok game, but a step down from the original.

In 2014, there was New Yoshi's Island, which was again made by Artoon. *And before anyone says anything, Arzest is basically Artoon with a new name. It has the key main head honchos.* Again, the music is meh *though it if i were to be honest, it has it's moments in the sun*, the boss battles were just boring to fight against, the levels were just bland and forgetable. And the game feels like a rehash, but worse in everyway. Oh and the transformations have controlled with the Gyroscope. Because everyone loves tilting their 3DS around right? I will give the game some credit with Metal Eggs, which are somewhat interesting, but the Giant Eggs are really meh.

Now while the Artoon games were not necessarly bad, they are pretty much average games all around. Bland music, bland gameplay, bland level design. Which is not a surprise because Artoon's catalog includes forgettable games like Pinobee, Vampire Rain, Flingsmash, and Blinx. Neither Yoshi's Island DS or Yoshi's New Island are exceptions.

All i can say now is that I am ready for Yoshi's Woolly World. Kirby's Epic Yarn was fun as was Wario: Shake it.
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