Reviews: Universe At War

Buggy at times, but once that's dealt with, worth it!

Although the game is buggy and certainly can make you have a Wall Banger or two from the timing, it's still worth it, especially since the game's plot was well crafted and intresting, with very enjoyable (and hatable) characters, such as Orlok the Eternal to name the most popular. The gameplay is also very well done with three truly distinct factions; Hit & Run/Zerg-neccesary Novus, Overkill-But-Exposed Hierarchy, and Turtle Then Pwn-But slow Masari, each with their own strengths and weakness', it's very hard not to see that they put effort into balancing the game, effort that is only seen in those who truly care about their product. If anyone can get a copy (only about 5 USD), I'd highly recomend it if they can handle the bugs that are saddly prevaliant despite the best effort (I persoally think it's due to a lot of game data being in 'data' form to make modding easier). The story line is well crafted, there's witty moments even in utter hell itself, and Frank Klepacki outdid himself. It's a game that really needs more love, and it's Impossible to deny that they put a lot of effort to make it enjoyable. (Masari Global Campaign excluded, but they at least made some witty moments, "General Peasant" being a favorite of mine).