Reviews: The White Chamber

try it, you won\'t be disappointed

i don't think there's an easy way to review the white chamber without spoiling it to hell and back, so i'll focus on why you should play this diamond hidden amongst the coal of crappy shovelware and flash game atrocities.

first off, this is a horror game (obviously), and for being what it is, it's beautiful. if the thing that makes a horror game good for you is the atmosphere, then you'll very much enjoy this game. the environment is beautiful and detailed, and even if it seems oddly cut and paste in a few places, it just adds to the creep factor, a very courage the cowardly dog approach to the scenery in all respects.

it also helps that zakir rahman did a stellar job on the soundtrack. as the nightmare fuel page says, taking this ost out of context is bound to ruin anything you're doing. it's weird, it's odd, and it will make you question everything if you wear headphones while you play.

now, as far as story goes, i would venture to say that it's basic, but straightforward and pretty good if you're playing for the first time. i really don't want to say anything here because it's so short that any spoilers would spoil the entire game, but rest assured, there's a very clever bit of meta fridge logic in replaying the game, if need be.

something i've intentionally neglected to mention, but you probably already knew since you're here, is that the white chamber is a freeware game. all the time, effort, blood, and sweat put into this game was done for free, and for the art. consider what you'll be paying for and i guarantee that you won't be disappointed by the end results.

studio trophis hasn't existed as a unified entity for seven years as of this writing, but it left us with an amazing little gem of a horror game in their wake. i don't have much space to say much about this game, but i absolutely recommend it for any and all consumers of the horror genre with an extra hour to kill.