Reviews: Super Mario Sunshine

A Wonderful Game.

Mario. The name alone is an inversion of Sturgeons Law, AT LEAST 90% of his games are GOOD. From the classic NES side-scrollers, to the innovative 3D adventure that is Super Mario 64, to just about everything else up till now, there's hardly any BAD Mario games.

Super Mario Sunshine is one of the good games, of course. The plot is simple: Mario, The Princess, and some Toads are on vacation. They land on Isle Delfino, and it's completely polluted with gunk, thanks to a figure resembling Mario who turns out to be Bowser's son. Mario has to spend his vacation cleaning up the island and bring sunshine back to the island.

Now, let's go over some of the stupider aspects of the game. Police Are Useless. They see the real culprit going about, kidnapping Peach, and they just stand there and make you do all the work. Everybody's too blind to see that the guy who's been polluting the island is blue-colored. Bowser Jr. thinks Peach is his mom. The final boss is a complete joke. Despite the fact you're supposed to collect all the Shine Sprites, a bunch of townsfolk are holding them all to themselves and want you to do random things to get them. FLUDD pretty much dominates most of the gameplay. But despite all that, I love this game.

There's plenty of gameplay here. This game is never boring. Everywhere you go in this game, there's always missions to complete, enemies to fight, Shine Sprites to collect, and blue coins to hunt down. It's a game you get involved with. A game you can't put down because it's so well-designed. Controls are responsive, no delay, no complex moves, no bullshit. The levels are big and fun to explore, from the Serena Beach hotel, to the cheerful Pinna Park theme park, to the deep abyss of Noki Bay, to the underworld of Pianta Village, there's plenty to do, which should keep any gamer, young or old, satisfied. . The graphics are also nice, bright and colorful. This game looks just as good today as it did nine years ago.

Well, considering that most of you have already played this game, I might as well end this review here saying, this game is a must-play for everyone.