Reviews: Steambot Chronicles


If you've ever played Fable, Mass Effect, or Fall Out, then you won't find anything terribly different, or outstanding about this game. But if you're not completely concerned with graphics and complex gameplay, then you just might enjoy this odd treasure.

On the surface, it's your standard JRPG scenario: Boy meets girl, boy has amnesia, boy gets giant robot and has adventures with girl. But like the previously mentioned games, the story can be affected by choices made by the player. While your actions will not have nearly the same impact as those seen in Fable or Fall Out 3, you can still have varied playthroughs.

Vanilla, the main character, is at your disposal. You can choose to have him be the ultimate nice guy, or the biggest douche ever (although you sadly can't kill or have people hurt). With a wide selection of clothes, you can tailor Vanilla's appearance to suit your individal tastes (be warned though, there's only about 12 outfits).

There's also no shortage of instruments to play, which are a key part of the game's narrative and means of earning money. And they're controls are like an amateur Guitar Hero sans the plastic toy peripheral.

The music is probably the game's strongest feature, though there's only five songs (clocking in at about 30 minutes total), all of them are quite enjoyable, even if the lyrics are a little, bittersweet sounding. There is a sixth song, but the less said about it the better.

The other side of gameplay, trotmobile riding, can be quite fun if you can get past the Katamari Damacy control scheme. It's certainly not Zone of the Enders or Mechwarrior, but there is something fun about using the stage you were just standing on to perform for money to bash an enemy into scrap metal. Be warned though, dying in combat that isn't a timed match results in the only possible means of Game Over, and this can be quite annoying after a lenghty session without saving.

Finally, the character. While some of the cast are pretty stiff and uninteresting, you will enjoy some like the artist Pablo, and the lovely Coriander (the heroine), whose stunning voice just may capture your heart.

If you like relaxing, bloodless mayhem with a dash of whimsical melodies, then you just might enjoy Steambot Chronicles.