Reviews: Secret Of Mana

The Remake Is A Remake Of The Original

The PS4 remake of the game is nothing but that. A remake of the game from Super Nintendo days, with updated graphics, added voice-acting for every character, and remixed music.

But that isn't necessarily bad. It's nice to see that even the most mundane, superfluous NPC has voiced lines. And the Japanese voice-acting is quite good. I cannot say anything about the English one, as I didn't use it.

The remixes of the old tracks are fine, too. In fact, a lot of the time, I didn't even notice much of a difference. The tracks still gave each location the type of atmosphere it had in the original game.

There are no real changes to the story of the game, though the vastly improved translation does expand, so to speak, on the plot from the original.

The characters don't get deeper personalities, either, but you do now get dialogues between the three protagonists at inns that either discuss what is going on or a minor thing, like Purim denying that she's actually scared of the cannon travel service. There is a downside to this, as I noticed I spent less time in inns as the characters gained magic, and I often saw them still talking about very early plot aspects, compared to where I was at the time of staying at the inn.

The battle mechanics have improved slightly; it feels like the bar for charging your weapons goes a bit faster now. And perhaps my memory of how difficult the early game was is due to younger age, but the early game Bosses seem simpler. The fact that the player can now choose the maximum quantity of an item to have up to 12, compared to the original 4, certainly helps in making things easier.

Unfortunately, I have noticed an increase of the game crashing once I reached the mid-point of the game. I don't know what caused it, and I have read other people having crashes much earlier in the game, but I began to notice that prolonged playing increased the chance of a crash. An annoying thing to happen, but it was slightly mitigated by the fact that the game auto-saves after every screen change. So, even when the game crashed on me, it was a simple task of starting the game up again and loading the auto-save.

Overall, the game improves on some things from the original. But it doesn't make any huge changes. It might be worthwhile to play, if you feel like playing the game with updated graphics, a better translation, and minorly improved mechanics. Mostly, though, there isn't too much of a difference to the original. You could play either and still have a good time.