Reviews: Psi Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy

Mind games

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate conspiracy was a fun, if somewhat flawed game. Warning, there are spoilers!

In it, you play Psychic solider Nick Scryer, who is tasked with infiltrating The Movement a rebellion made up of his former allies and his ex-boss, the General. What follows is a fairly mundane plot with a few creative twists, but ultimately a pretty subpar story that felt like it wasn't given all the love and attention the gameplay mechnics were.

Speaking of, the powers Nick has at his disposal are the real meat and potatoes of the game. From Telekinesis, to pyrokenesis, Nick has a wide variety of powers with which to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and just generally wreak complete havoc. There is something darkly fun about hoisting a terrified mook with your levitation power, then slamming him into a wall before blungeoning his startled comrade with the former's battered body. And for fans of the Scanner films, or just those who love violence, using your Psychic drain power allows Nick to explode a person's head, with considerable gibbing.

However, the game has little in the way of replay value, beyong the few unlockable skins, and option to play using all of Nick's powers from the outset. There is a 2-player option, but the awkward control scheme: one player controls Nick's movements, while the other conversly fires the guns and uses powers; is quite wonky, and likely only for the most diehard players who enjoy strange challenges.

Returning to the story, the ending feels underwhelming, coming off as rushed and forced.. The mysterious artifact is only partially explained, as is the true motivations for most of the villains, except the General, who is quite cleary your average power hungry madman who betrays his cohorts when he gets his prize. The missing sibling/evil twin storyline involving Sara also feels somewhat uninspired, as though it were thrown in, and then abandoned before a more convincing conclusion could be made, instead wrapping up with a cheesy one liner. This also brings to mind the acting, which is passable for some characters, but there are some who are just plain irritating.

Overall, Psi-Ops is worth picking up if a copy can be found in the bargain bin, but just keep yor expectations low. Don't go in expecting a begotten gem.