Reviews: Politics And War


I hate this game.

I hate this game with a passion, not because its gameplay is simplistic and boring (There is a certain "Tug to it"). But because of its community.

I absolutely fucking hate the community in this game. ESPECIALLY the high tier alliances, which usually subject those who are a part of them into following an insanely long list of rules and limit their capabilities of gameplay.

I'll tell you my experience with one alliance, one I want desperately annihilated for their fuckery. They know themselves as the "Black Knights", and oh boy are they subject to G.I.F.T like its no tomorrow.

When I first joined the game, I was (unsurprisingly) a noob. And would cry for help whenever I went to war with someone who was actually active. Of course, I admit that I am annoying. I was, but I was young back then, and I have grown since then.

So I joined the black knight, and was easily accepted in due to their easy entrance exam (yes they had a fucking exam, for no apparent reason). At first, nothing seemed out of place. They were helpful and gave me money to support myself. But of course, I sought more. And fought other nations to gain more money.

One time, I raided one nation and two other nations came in to defend it. I cried out for help, and some members of the alliance answered my call. Now this is a game, so naturally - shouldn't we have fun doing this?

Apparently not, because one of the admins was a fucking asshole. He messaged me in such a toxic manner that I got several forms of cancer from just reading it. My entire emotional state was wrecked, and thus I got angry. I defended myself, trying to explain that this is a fucking game and that he shoiuldnt be so piossed. But the dude was still an asshole and POSTED my messages onto their discord. Calling me "salty".

This is why I fucking hate this community, they have no rules against harassment, or at least don't check messages for it, and I cannot even fight back.