Reviews: Modern Warfare

In Defense of Cowodoody

Call of Duty is a...polarizing series, to say the least. And by that I mean that an absolutely massive chunk of the internet absolutely fucking hates Call of Duty, myself included. But here's the thing: it's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, that could leave people wondering "Huh? What the fuck are you talking about?" Well, let me explain.

In a nutshell, the Modern Warfare franchise is based off of some really well-made mechanics. Shooting the gun? Feels extremely good. The graphics? For something out of 2007, they're extremely nice. Gameplay is tight and it controls well, but I have to complain about the fact that enemies seem to endlessly respawn if you don't go across this straight line. See, if you stay stuck in one location, enemies will just keep spawning until you move to point two in a level. It's frustrating and it limits potential strategies. Granted, they got rid of it in MW 2, thank god, but MW 3 brought us right back to it. It's not a good thing to have in your game, and it is exactly why I, personally dislike it. Oh, and the Quicktime Events. I hate those, too. But aside from those gripes, the games are solidly made, and Modern Warfare sold millions and millions of copies because of this core. Seems reasonable for a game to sell well if it's good, right?

Well, actually, that's where things get awkward. The games are certainly not bad, but they are noticeably growing sterile thanks to pressure from Activision. For example: the nuke scene in MW? Fucking incredible. The destroyed Washington DC? Eh, okay. I mean it seems like an appeal to patriotism, but I'll take it. Kid being blown up? ...Okay, Infinity Ward, you're just getting lazy. A kid died, yes, but it still feels like they're just phoning it in.

But even then, that's not an excuse to hate it. Any series can get sterile, and developers are allowed to copy files because, hey, if it means you can make a better product by saving time so be it, but what happens to draw a lot of ire is probably the effect that Call of Duty has on the industry. Many developers have sacrificed integrity to draw in the "Call of Duty" crowd. And that IS what draws the hatred of this game series. People hate the effect it's had on the industry, and so they pin it on the game.