Reviews: Kantai Collection

A love-hate relationship at best.

I'll be frank, I both love this series and hate it. I love it for the concept of Moe Anthropomorphism of World War II era ships, and I hate it for how it only favors the Axis ships, with no Allied ship in sight (yet, hopefully). The thing that offends me a lot though is the depiction of the Abyssals as a blatant stand-in for the Allied Forces (Especially for someone like me whose family is especially grateful to countries like the United States, for one reason or the other.) Though, hopefully the developers will change this by adding ships from both the Allied and Axis countries.

Seasonal Hook and RNG Filled Sheningans

Been playing this game for awhile, and all I could say that this game is quite engaging if nothing else. You're collecting and managing a fleet of shipgirls, pretty much all of which are cute and have distinct voice and personality, and just like pretty much any collection game you will never collect them all. As an open-ended online game, you'll only have your own goal to aim and fulfill.

You can manage the strategic formation and composition of your fleet, but the actual battle and sortie outcomes are decided by RNG. You can overwhelm earlier maps when you have the ships for the task, sure, but against stronger enemies you'll eventually get to the point where you'll have to rely on luck just to clear certain maps. And of course, the shipgirls are random drops too even in construction, with only a handful of ships awarded from quests. So on its own it's a simple collection game in theory.

Thing is, there are indeed several things that keeps you hooked to the game, especially the seasonal events. While you can take your time to clear the game, the seasonal events have outstanding rewards that compels the players to challenge it: newfangled shipgirls, often exclusive to players who had successfully clear it for months to come. This effectively sets a goalpost for the fleet management paradigm to encourage you to raise the fleet in time to participate in those events.

And that's before mentioning the Extra Operations, they're all fairly tough, yet it is not a one-time clear thing, you need to clear it several times to unlock certain remodels.