Reviews: Inazuma Eleven

Aliea Academy Arc - Screw Logic

Aliens playing soccer to destroy earth is probably the craziest sounding premise in history, but let's all admit that we're all curious just how the hell would the series justify aliens playing soccer.

In all honesty, this is where Inazuma Eleven actually gets some identity. Before this it was just a quirky sports anime, treating itself like Dragon Ball Z. But now that the premise includes aliens, it's even closer to Dragon Ball Z than it was before.

Luckily it avoids the abusive amount of filler that Dragon Ball Z has, considering that it was Anime First.

The series sees it's cast of colorful characters by disposing the majority of its former cast, and special mention to Fubuki; who ended up as one of the best characters the series due to his interesting character arc. Most of them are interesting in their own way, and the focus in character development made this arc really enjoyable.

The arc itself borrows a few cliches from your typical shounen action anime, and somehow it really adds to the charm.

The story really gets kicking when Epsilon is finally introduced. Training montages gets crazier, character development gets more interesting, and matches gets better.

But after Epsilon Remastered are beaten, the pacing really slows down. Which isn't a bad thing for me, but might be for some of you.

And the final team from Aliea Academy (which I didn't see coming), is still my favorite twist from the whole series. But unlike the game, there wasn't enough build up.

Overall, for the craziest part of the series; I find it to be the Magnum Opus for the whole series.

If I wasn't constrained to 400 words, we would be here for hours.