Reviews: Hyperdimension Neptunia

A fun game, but has a few flaws

Well now, I haven't finished the game yet but will attempt to summarize the good and bad points of it. First some of the good points that I saw in the game. The game presents all of the cutscenes in a Visual Novel style presentation, with most of the events being voice acted. It also has plenty of Les Yay, so YuriFans might want to check it out. The game also has plenty of ShoutOuts to various game series, which can be either entertaining to view (if you know their source material), otherwise they are confusing. If you liked Cross Edge and Trinity Universe, you will probably like this game too. Now, on to some of the detractors in the game. First of all, there is no way to manually heal your characters, nor are there any consumables or healing abilities. In order to heal your characters, you have to set up "item skills" by assigning them skill points (luckily you can reassign them at any time), which then heal based on a If... Then structure. Another is that experience point gain is quite horrendous, if it isn't a boss or a special monster, it grants almost no XP. Other than the issue with gameplay, it is a quite enjoyable game if you can overlook its flaws.