Reviews: Gotham City Impostors

The pros of popularity power

We all first person shooters, we all know free to play. Most people would think "bad combo, right?" Not exactly. For the free steam version, it's quite satisfying to have a game that says "free to play" and isn't shoving "you need money" in your face every 3 seconds in the middle of gameplay. Let's start negative.

Cons: Slow to start if you're not going to be dishing out money to buy those weapons. Character customization is locked off for the first part of the game, fair as with other FPS, but once it does open up you need a bit of levels to really get a custom class you want to call your own. This can get a bit frustrating after you've found out what you want in a class because of all the fun options you get in the game. Not just "more sprint" or "faster switch time" like in Call Of Duty multiplayer, which are practical and fit in with the game, but some really unique options are offered in Impostors. Having all of those out of reach for the first few hours can be kinda offputting.

Pros: It's a solid shooter, for a start. You may see this game as a glorified FPS with the batman franchise slapped on top, but don't be fooled: The game is thought out and unique. It may not be perfect to some, but it's very good all around. The best part are the fun options you get. You don't just have "first weapon, second weapon, grenade" like a standard affair. You have "First weapon, second weapon, grenade or maybe a beartrap, then do you want to fly or turn invisible or just hookshot all around?" These aren't your standard sets. The options for mobility and attack styles are really mixed up in this game, and it makes it refreshing.

The best thing that can be said about the game is that none of the modern FPS problems are encountered. Sniper sitting in a hard to reach area? Well, you can tag them so they're visible through walls, or maybe use a glider to divebomb them from behind, use a hookshot to jump up from below or above the kill zone and shank them, turn invisible so they can't see you and get behind them. The options in this game are the best part of it, and it's hard to find a stagnant game with all the movement and tricks being used.

I woudl recommend it if you want something that unique and mobile, or just want a quality free shooter.