Reviews: Evil Zone

Surprisingly good?

A friend of mine picked up Evil Zone, and we ended up playing it, more or less as a joke; we saw the retsupurae of it, thought it was pretty weird and goofy, and wanted to give it a try. It turns out, though, that the team at Yuke's seems to have actually put a lot of thought into it?

The simple and streamlined mechanics, though unintuitive in some places (like the "double back" input to use a finisher), makes each character feel very easy to learn, and the use of Captures and a wide variety of projectile attacks ensures that the game remains fairly dynamic at any range, regardless of character choice.

The plot's also solid and surprisingly in-depth, especially after the lore provided by the Encyclopedia is factored in. It's kind of sad, actually it feels like they really wanted to make a franchise out of this, but it wasn't successful enough. Still, what's present is a pretty interesting read, and the between-battle interludes are always fun.

I definitely wouldn't say Evil Zone is one of the best fighting games out there, or even, necessarily, a great one, but it has some solid ideas and a surprising amount of dedication to its setting and characters.

Evil Zone love

I still have this game and it is fun to play and the engine it runs on is quite good. Even if the characters were generic they were easy to get into. I am surprised there was no PS 3 remake, it is a fun smasher.