Reviews: Drakengard

Caim's lovin' this shit

The gameplay of Drakengard is nothing to write home about; missions tend to be slaughter X amounts of enemies, then an arial mission with some dodgy controls. It's a good hack/slash game if you want to burn off some steam, though completionists will be tearing their hair out.

Where Drakengard really shines is in the storytelling. With every successful playthrough, the endings simply get worse and worse. The player character Caim is frankly the most memorable hero in recent JRPG history. It's almost as if the creators took every single cliche and sodomized them into an amoral, mute, psychopath who is by far the most awesome thing in the game. The Dark Id's Let's Play sums up his character best: "rip and tear, RIP AND TEAR!" The other characters are similar; the kindest and most friendly member of your party is a child molester, the most powerful is a cannibal who loves to eat children, the child in your party is completely useless, the wise old man is a racist coward and at best, redundant. The main character's sister/designated damsel in distress likes him just a little too much. The best friend who turns evil is totally pathetic and fails at every venture he makes.

By far the greatest dynamic is the bond between Caim and his dragon, Angelus. This bond is strong enough to carry through to the sequel, where they share what is widely agreed to be the only genuinely emotional scene in the entire game.

As they doom the rest of humanity.

Yes, Caim and Angelus were so awesome, they had to become the villains of the paint-by-numbers sequel. Stay away from that btw.

The endings range from depressing to just plain wierd. I won't spoil them for you. Just keep in mind it can always get wierder.

Sadly, the voice acting ranges from fair to laughable, with the exception of only a few. Furiae is eternally unsurprised at everything around her, while the male Watcher voice (you'll know when you hear it) is the funniest thing in the game.

La la la la la.