Reviews: Dont Starve

It's addictive.

I wasn't very into the game when it first came out; but when I actually tried doing my best, I realized it's plenty of fun. The settings of seasons is a refreshing change of environment, and also tests your skills on different levels. The intense feel to the game when you die, or something other serious happening, is really realistic and makes you go: "Shit! What did I do?!"

Wilson is also an awesome character; but it was a great idea to add several other characters to the game with all unique quirks who the player can chose for their own taste. Heck, there's even a character for those who think the game is too easy! (Wes, a real weakling and a real challenge).

The game is not just fun; it actually tests your wit and strategy skills in every possible way. You need to be ahead of the game to know when Diabolus ex Machina will kick in, you need to be well prepared for the next season, you also need the courage to attack enemies who threaten you. And when you succeed in killing them, you're well awarded with material you'll squeal over so you can craft new items.

The worst part about the game? It's addictive as all hell. One good weekend for me is me and my siblings in a room, playing this game on each computer along with a cold beer. A gamer night can't get any better than that.

The biggest complaint I have is some bugs here and there that I hope the dev team fixes. But other than that, I give this game 95/100.