Reviews: Dark Stalkers

A Truly Memorable Game

I first encountered Morrigan Aensland when I played the first Marvel vs. Capcom game when I was around 11 or 12 and I tell you, I just fell in love with the character. After all, you have to remember that it was probably Morrigan Aensland who codified the idea of a "succubus" to a generation. Later on, I looked for the game she was from and played Darkstalkers 3. While I didn't find it as cool as Streetfighter, it was certainly a memorable game.

Some of the characters seemed a bit too weird for my taste like Pyron, Sasquatch and Hsien-Ko and then there was that womb level that I found utterly disturbing, but even these just served to make the game even more memorable. The gameplay would set the stage for upcoming games like streetfighter and the vs. series with things like the Hypercombo and Hypercombo Meter. People can say anything that they want about the franchise and while Bayonetta may be all the rage these days, Morrigan and her pals will always have a special place in my heart.