Reviews: Brink

How much have theese Agents Changed

Well BRINK now has some new DLC and how is it?


Agents of Change adds two new story missions to the game: Labs and Founders Tower. On Labs the Resistance is attempting to retrieve akoral samples to bargain with the outside world while on Founders Tower Security needs to get rid of a bomb in the titular Founders Tower. I must admitt the two spies we are introduced to a rather interesting and maybe they'll be explored in future DLC.


Agents of change gives some new abilities, attachments, and archetypes. The abilities and attachments are cool, but the archetypes look like things you would get in the earlier ranks to my personally.


Agents of Change is a good first DLC pack wich I reccomend you get if you liked BRINK.

Great, but has untapped potential.

The story is great. The Security vs. Resistence storyline was very unique, in that the developers actually tried hard to create a more true-to-life feeling of the game's morality. The game breaks away from the tired "good guys vs bad terrorists" plot of almost every shooter, and instead makes the motivations and actions of each side greatly understandable. It's obvious a lot of work went into the story, but I would have liked to see more of a true single-player, story-based mode with fleshed out characters.

Gameplay is incredibly fun. All of the weapons are balanced to an good degree, and they all handle with unique characteristics. Each weapon feels like it has it's own personality, which is something hard to create in games. Each feels like it has a rich history behind it when you look a the different models. The gameplay is very arcade-like, shattering the mold of "realistic" first person shooters. Instead of being based on "who can hit first, wins", the game flawlessly combines movement with shooting, and both are extremely important to succeed.

Movement is something that has been payed great attention to with the SMART movement system. Parkour feels very natural and intuitive, yet it does have a layer of complexity. For some players, it's a route from A -> B, for other players, it wins games. It really depends on how you want to play, and brink gives you a lot of freedom in that regard. The character customization and unique art and music styles really give the game a different appearance. It's colourful, unique, and how many shooters can you really say that about these days?

There are issues. Iron sights seem like an afterthought, they aren't very useful at all on most weapons. Some classes, like the Medic and Engineer, gain points much faster than others like the Operative and Soldier. There are 3 body types to use, but most people only use Medium or Light, because movement is such a game-changing factor. Story is rich with potential, but it remains untapped. Singleplayer feels like a last minute addition, being comprised of only multiplayer with braindead bots. Some missions are biased towards a defender winning

Overall, I say people should buy and try Brink, especially if it is on sale. It has it's flaws, yes, but it has potential and I would encourage supporting the studio behind it so they can release that potential.

Fun but requires a much better story

Ah yes BRINK. When I first heard of it I had little excitement but then I saw a lets play and decided to get it. What I got was fun but needed something more in several ways.


BRINK takes place in the future when most of the world is flooded but humanity lives on the Ark. Unfortunately a war is starting up between the Resistance and Security. You are given a choice between the two and depending on your choice you gain different mission objectives. The campaign takes place over six days per side with two what if missions. The story in the end fails due to the fact that its multiplayer levels with cutscenes. But the audio logs add something


BRINK controls like Call of Duty with the way you use your weapons (except for the grenade launcher attachment which acts like a normal grenade) but it has something different. S.M.A.R.T which stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain in which your character uses Parkour. In the end you'll use for speed. BRINK also has four classes. Soldier: a walking ammo pile who is useful for blowing thing up . Medic: who is the healer and is useful when you do the human escort missions. Operatives: who can take the form of dead enemies and hack. and finally Engineers: who can build mines and turrets and are useful for bot escorts and repairing. Each class is useful and you can swap by going to a command post. BRINK also has an excellent customization system for your characters and guns. But colors are limited for the sides for the characters and you have to beat challenges for the guns. Also weapon usage is limited to the three body types Light: fast but weak. Medium: the in the middle one. and Heavy: strong but slow.


Only put here because the multiplayer has lag online but can be fun with a friend.


The graphics suffer from very bad pop-ups but I really like the way the worlds of the Ark is designed. The sound is good with the guns sounding good and the voice acting being okay.


BRINK is fun but lacks a good story so if you want don't pay a penny over 40$.