Reviews: Angry Birds

A slightly flawed but highly addictive game

Do I really need to explain what Angry Birds is? It's become one of the biggest franchises today; a prominent phenomenon of the current decade that's fun for all ages. And it all started of course with the original downloadable game starring the famous red bird.

The reason why Angry Birds is fun is due to the way in which it allows you to experiment with strategies. Seeing a big structure full of pigs and working out how to topple it is instantly enjoyable. In fact, failing is actually somewhat fun in this game. As you keep trying levels, you’ll notice how addictive it gets. Locating the weak spot of a structure, launching your bird and watching the resulting carnage is wonderful, and if you lose, you get your chance at revenge. And when all the pigs are finally off the screen, the feeling of success is fantastic. This is why Angry Birds is recommended. It's simple but satisfying, and the wide variety of eccentric and colourful level designs makes it constantly surprising.

Angry Birds does however suffer from inconsistent difficulty. This game can be tough, and not in a good way. Though it's fun to replay levels multiple times, some levels are so ridiculously difficult that you'll be left stuck for days on end, not knowing how to complete them. On quite a few levels, I found that even after using every strategy possible, there were always one or more pigs left somehow untouched. Quitting to the level select screen in frustration is a part of the Angry Birds experience in this regard. It doesn't ruin the game because there's loads of level packs to try, but it might make you wish you were given more birds to use in some levels, and/or the ability to use the birds in any order you wish.

Thankfully though, the game makes up for this by giving you some creative power-ups. You mostly have to buy more once you run out of them, but they're very useful, and saving them for the levels that are extremely difficult is totally recommended. Having to resort to power-ups is not quite as fun as you'd expect, because it often feels like the levels have beaten you when you have to use them, but it's still nice to be able to pass levels that prevent progress.

Angry Birds is a simple and sometimes annoying but highly addictive experience. Destroying those pesky green pigs and their bizarre towers is something everyone needs to try at least once.