Reviews: Call Of Cthulhu

Very fun and chilling... but confusing in more ways than 1

Call of Cthulhu is a very scary game. Not because of some of the jump scares, but because of the general sense of creepiness and the unseen abominations. It is also very fun to play, the stealth and shooting mechanics work. Some have complained that the weapons are few and generic and that the enemies are stupid and not innovative, but I think the guns are fun to shoot and that most of the enemies stupidity is justifed. Like in the Order of Dagon's case, its because they are a bunch of hicks, not a trained military force. For the Deep Ones, its because they are more cannon fodder than anything else. While the graphics are sub par, the developers did the best with what they had, and many of the enemy creatures look very creepy. The fact there is no HUD and that you have to heal yourself is very interesting, and the general realism of the game makes it more immersive. The boss fights are good, but not great. The fight with Dagon is probably my 3rd favorite boss in any action game ever. The fight itself does not amount to much (just dodge his instant kill attacks, bait him to the front of the ship, shoot him in the face with the main cannon, rinse and repeat 3 times), but its the set up that counts. The reveal of Dagon and his first attacks on the boat is incredibly frightening and surprising, and the fact that you are fighting A GOD is also pretty awesome. However, this game has one huge problem: The puzzles and navigation. I'm not going into specifics here, but the puzzles are just unforgiving. You absolutely have to do everything according to the script. You must pick up the exact items (which is extremely hard since there is no real distinction on what you can pick up and what you cant), use exactly in the way you need to, and go the exact direction. All of this can get really frustrating when you start backtracking through a level to pick up that little easily missable object that you need. This, combined with some major bugs and a very boring first chapter, almost ruins the game. However, as long as you have a walkthrough on hand, it should be a very fun and interesting experience. I give it a 7.5/10, definitely buy it (its only $ 10.00 now on steam), but be prepared for some frustrating bugs and Guide Dang It moments. May I recommend Helloween4545's lets play on youtube as a guide through the game?