Reviews: The Tribe

Season 1 review

The tribe is show based on a simple premise, what would happen if all adults were to die. The simple answer, chaos and anarchy. The longer answer involves hope, for the world to rebuild itself. The first season doesn't show much of the rebuilding and is more focused on the titular tribe trying to work together.

The first season shows a group of people, from different backgrounds and with very different personalities, trying to survive in the Crapsack World that a lack of adults has created. One interesting part about this season is that not once do we get more than a passing mention about a characters backstory, and when I say a character I do mean only one. This helps show what the show is about, creating a new world.

The main characters are all potrayed realistically and are very diverse. From the always schememing and manipulating Ebony, who happens to be the Big Bad for the season, to Amber, a girl who does the best she can to try and get the tribe to work together, to Lex the Jerkass who's only in it for himself, and his girlfriend/wife Zandra, to Tai-San the Granola Girl who's beliefs get under everyone's skin. Naturally these personalities clash and they don't really start working together until the final arc of the season. But that's the point they aren't a Nakama, not even close but still they stick up for each other when it matters.

There are only some minor problems I have with the series one of these is the pacing, for the first fourty episode there isn't really a plotline the story actually sticks with, there are multipe episode arcs but none of them are really plot relevant, there is also the threat of Ebony and her tribe but until the final arc that only realy serves as a reason for the mallrats not to go outside. The other problem is a nitpick but can still be infuriating, the hairstyles and facial marking, they start off fine, and in fact most stay that way, the annoying part is the hairstyles and facial markings will change at times when a character really shouldn't have been able to. One fine example is between episodes Jack, the resident smart guy manages to change his facial paintings while locked up in a cell overnight, a nitpick yes but one that can take you out of the story.

So to summarise The tribe is about hope, the characters don't get along and hairstyles change at ridiculous times.