Reviews: Carnivale

Carnivàle: I curse the consumers!

Most actors in the film industry are sufficiently good; They go through their lines and motions in a convincing way. Occasionally, though, you see an amazing actor. One who acts out several different levels of emotion at once in subtle but effective ways. One whose lines get stuck in your head for days simply because of how they are delivered. One that takes your mind off what's going on in the story, and forces you to just stare in amazement at the greatness that is going on.
In Carnivale, the entire main cast are such actors.

The plot of the series isn't quite my cup of tea, but that's mostly because I, personally, don't like supernatural elements in fiction. In any case, it's a dark and exciting ride that maintains a balance between unpredictability and storybook-like symmetry.
The writing is well above average. The dialogue feels unclichéd and believable. The characters are three-dimensional, original and interesting. The character named Samson is also one of the absolutely most respectful (without being boring) portrayals of dwarfism sufferers in fiction.
The soundtrack is cool, and doesn't really resemble anything else I've heard.
The visual aspect is probably, next to the acting, the strongest side of the series. It takes place in the 1930's, a very aesthetically pleasing period of time, and uses the full potential of this fact. Every scene gently nuzzles the viewers' eyeballs in highly enjoyable ways. Well-chosen camera angles and suggestive biblical imagery doesn't hurt either.

Now, can anyone explain to me why this series was canceled after two seasons (instead of the planned six) due to a lack of viewers, while a cliché-riddled, predictable, visually dull, dumb excuse for a movie made 745 million dollars in less than two weeks?

Also, before you ask: Yes, my opinion is the objective truth. It's been scientifically proven.