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Excellent, but only if you're interested.
Dekaranger is considered a fan-favorite sentai of the 2000's, rivaled by Gekiranger (already made a review), Shinkenger (getting to that), and Boukenger (sadly far from finishing it), but let's see if it's worth it:

  • Main Characters: The main characters are well-develloped, almost each episode is about how each ranger will handle a criminal, and expends their likings, dislikings, fears and stuff, and I am pleased to say i like every main character in this sentai.
  • Fight Scenes: To my dissapointment, they are not incredible, but hopefully, the excellent writing can get away with that, and Dekamaster's swordmanship along with the Swat mode makes up for it.
  • Designs: I think the numbers taking half of the costume look way too silly, but the SWAT mode is an awesome-looking power-up, and has a long gun. That also goes for the robots, which are also lackluster despite the dekabase robot being freaking HUGE.
  • Overall Plot: Unlike most sentai, few are actually important to the overall plot, only introducing new characters, robots or power-ups.
  • Bad guys: that is unfortunately the other edge of the "a criminal a week" forumula: only the Big bad is relevent, and they are mostly just "Prisonner N23" (though some of them are really interesting, and I recommand episode 18 and 34), and even the big bad is just here for PROFIT!!

That being said, there's also some things that bug me: Hoji trying to be cool by speaking engrish (and trust me, you ruined a couple of good moments), and some episodes are REALLY goofy (sorry, no exemples right now), but this sentai is awesome and if you're not scared of people wearing spandex and bike helmets beating cardboard monsters with giant robots, this is a good place to start. 8/10.
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