Reviews: The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Cheesiness, Pointless Drama, and Evil Dad, oh my!

In the final part of the Twister Trilogy, our heroes have just escaped a deadly, well, Twister. And immediately, I felt hate.

At the end of Part 2, London has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Cody and Bailey (who just got back together) wondering if she was killed by the tornado. Ok not really, but I was thinking it. Within the first minute, London appears, somehow magically surviving a twister by hiding in an old tire. They just solved a cliff hangar in 5 seconds. I was VERY disappointed.

However, I managed to get over this and continue watching a (admittedly good) Suite Life special.

Due to the tornado, the Pickett's home has been destroyed. Fearing that he will lose Bailey, Cody calls Mr. Tipton, hoping that he could use some money to rebuild the farm.

The rest of the episode follows this pattern: Mr. Tipton buys farm and tries to destroy it, the gang try to get back the farm, London ends up saving it, and Bailey goes back to Sea School because Gramma Pickett had a secret money jar, which they use to fix the farm.

But that doesn't matter. What matters is how horribly evil Mr. Tipton is. He buys a house of VERY poor people and tries to turn it into a Plastic Bag Factory, forgets Mr. Moseby's AND his own daughter's name, and he SHOOTS PUPPIES. Moseby directly says it. PUPPIES!

Even worse, the whole cast has seemed to forget that this man is the one who abandoned London. He leaves her to be raised by the only father figure she really knows: Moseby. She became selfish in the first place because of him. It just irrates me the during whole thing.

Despite this, the special was actually pretty good. Mr. Tipton (how I hate him) was played by John Michael Higgins (who also appeared in Community, Psych, and Seinfeld), London's Heel Face Turn was believable, and Gramma Pickett turned out to be a Cool Grandma. Overall, I'd give it 7/10 stars. This is because I am an optimist. I would not watch this again if I could help it.