Reviews: The Office

  • son
  • 6th May 11
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inner circle

This post-Michael episode was pretty decent overall. With Michael out of the picture it seemed Jim, Pam (by proxy of Jim), and Dwight were the center of attention, which is a pretty good idea considering how popular they are among the fan base.

Many characters seem to be able to do well without Mr.Scott. Specifically:

-Andy, Gabe, Kelly, Kevin, Jim, Dwight, Angela, Darryll, and Pam proved that they can maintain significance and retain some flavor without Michael.

-Toby, Erin, and Ryan on the other hand are simply... there. Fortunately, Ryan can piggy back off of Kelly, and Erin can retain significance through Andy (I'm an Andy and Erin shipper) and Gabe. Toby, unfortunately, is pretty worthless without Michael hating him.

-As for the rest of the cast only time will tell, though I'm mostly positive about them.

Will Ferrell was some what confusing of a character; being a cross between a Wesley and a Poochie he is almost unanimously loved/hated by the employees yet he's obviously a temporary character (surprise for those who never read the previews from months before). Though I thought they way they got rid of him was pretty dark.

Overall I felt it was a good build up to the new direction. I'll be looking forward to seeing the applicants for regional manager.