Reviews: The Legend Of William Tell

Enjoyable fantasy romp

Ok, it's not Hercules The Legendary Journeys. It's definitely not Lord Of The Rings. It's not even The Adventures Of Sinbad. But this series is a fun fantasy outing. Will makes for a good rebel leader, shades of Robin Of Sherwood. Leon and Aruna function well as his lieutenants. Drogo and Vara both get their moments in the sun, contributing to the group's survival. Kalem, as their inscrutable mentor, appears and disappears to dispense wisdom, or platitudes, to Will. The actor playing Xax seems to be having more fun than anyone, stalking about making ridiculous pronouncements; you half expect him to yell 'Off with their heads!' at any moment.

The show has its' flaws. Characterization varies from episode to episode, fight scenes are probably very well choreographed but are so badly edited it's hard to tell who's fighting who at times, and over use of stock footage sometimes makes it seem that Kalem and Kreel have switched sides. But it's a light hearted, fun series, well worth a look.