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Finding a Good Series really damn hard nowadays.

Most series involve unlikable characters, irrational plotlines, just plain weird dialogue, and so on.

This show has none of this.

I love this show. Every single one of the characters is likable, not too 'perfect', and grows over the course of the series, despite being only 13 episodes long.

The plots are equally entertaining, straying from the standard 'Someone died! Let's get this very specific private investigator to go investigate for no adequately-explained reason!' format that's all too common with this genre. Because this show is a spinoff of Bones, there's a crossover episode midway through the series, as well as a pilot episode in the middle of Bones.

All things considered, the only thing wrong with this show, in my opinion, is the length. It would have run longer, but lead Michael Clarke Duncan died from a heart attack on September 3, 2012, preventing the production of any future episodes without some literary gymnastics.

tl;dr: One of the best shows that I have ever seen, and I advise that everyone watch it at some point. If you don't like it, it's just 13 episodes long. If you do like it, sadly, it's only 13 episodes long.
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