Reviews: Seinfeld

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Great Show
Before watching Seinfeld, I wondered why a "show about nothing was even airing in the first place.

When I started watching it, I realised why.

Like most other shows, Seinfeld takes a while to get into its stride, but when it's amazing. The jokes are funny, original and perfectly suited to the characters. A lot of shows make the mistake of writing funny lines and making the characters say them. In Seinfeld, the characters themselves were funny. They made you laugh.

The show's whole premise - "No hugging, no learning" is built on a simple yet unique idea where unlike ordinary sitcoms, there is no change. The viewer laughs at the antics of the characters on the show - then goes about his or her daily life thinking "Wow, I'm glad I don't have friends like that".

The characters of this show are masterfully written - just watch episodes involving Frank and Estelle Costanza. The moulding of these characters has been done especially well. The relationships between characters - which is an integral part of this show - are the source of many, many unique stories that are kept mostly fresh and funny. I highly recommend this show for those who just want to have a good laugh without relating to any of the four main characters.
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