Reviews: Seinfeld

Great Show

For me, the best thing about Seinfeld is that the humour is effortless and perfectly suited to the characters. A lot of shows write funny lines and make the characters say them. In Seinfeld, the characters themselves were funny.

The show's whole premise - "No hugging, no learning" is built on a simple yet unique idea where there is no change. The viewer laughs at the antics of the characters on the show - then goes about daily life thinking "Wow, I'm glad I don't have friends like that".

The characters of this show are extremely well-written - special mention goes to Frank and Estelle Costanza. The relationships between characters - which is an integral part of this show - are the source of many unique stories that are kept mostly fresh and funny. I highly recommend this show for those who just want to have a good laugh without relating to any of the four main characters.