Reviews: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Lies on Their Side

Mighty Morphin was the very beginning of Power Rangers, though any one reading this probably will call me Captain Obvious for saying that. While it was obvious it was a kids show, filled with bad dialogue and cheesy villains, the well-choreographed action scenes did help. Mighty Morphin really got going with the 'Green With Evil' arc, introducing a dangerous new foe, who would eventually become one of the Rangers greatest allies. Not to mention, it was 5 EPISODES LONG! For a kids show, that was nearly unprecedented. The villains were pretty annoying starting out, but that all changed when Season 2 introduced Lord Zedd. He looked like some kind of hideous nightmare dragged from the most frightening of places, and he was a genuine challenge to the Rangers. Unfortunately, this mystique didn't last, as his constant losses and berating of his followers began to make him more like a new Rita. However, once Rita came back, the villain dynamic got a lot better, and not only were they more successful against the Rangers, they were actually quite fun to watch, to the point where I would genuinely look forward to seeing them, though that may simply be the fact that I was desperate for interesting characters during the scenes of the Rangers normal lives. In all honesty, the Mighty Morphin Rangers were pretty bland, with only a few distinguishing features separating them from each other. Zordon and Alpha were pretty good though. The villains got even more fun when lovable oaf Rito Revolto joined them, and the increasing story arcs of Season 3 made it a lot more interesting than the standard filler episode. Overall, the show got better with every season. The filler grew smaller and smaller, the story arcs got beter and longer, and the villains kept getting more entertaining. However, the real stars of the show for me were Bulk and Skull. Sure, their comedic antics in Season 1 were hit-and-miss, but as time went on, and you got to see their potential, they became pretty interesting, and the comedy improved too. While definitely not the best Power Rangers show, it's good if you take in the right way.