Reviews: Happy Days

Review #2

I loved the crap out of this show, though oddly I only watched it as an adult, catching repeats at 4:00 & 4:30 am on some American station a couple years back. I would tape them and then watch them the next day- this show had always fascinated me in overall concept, and I set out to watch the ENTIRE series, getting the hang of the entire thing (it's from this stretch that I was able to re-write what used to be a very minimalist trope-page). And yeah, the first few seasons were the best, and it shifted pretty well to a standard sitcom set-up (both the first two "regular camera" seasons and the early "Three camera" seasons were pretty good for my taste). It was often predictable and a bit hackneyed (the infamous "Fonzie goes blind" episode), but still entertaining, and you can definitely get the appeal for so many '70s kids that grew up with it.

The later seasons SUCKED (the whole "Jump the Shark" season was actually pretty bad), but it was still rather fascinating to watch, for a "time capsule" type thing. And the finale is one of the greatest in television history.

Living life in the 1950's

Ah, to be young again during such a happy time. Well, when Happy Days premired on television, the world during the 1970's were disilusioned over the government, the war and everything. But, then came Richie Cunnigham, his family (parents Howard and Marion, older brother Chuck (who never lasted a season) and little sister Joanie) and his friends (Ralph Malph and Potsie Weber.) Also came was the super-cool greaser, Arthur "The Fonz", "Fonzie" Fonzarelli, who has the ability to magically make any machine work with a bang on his hand, and get any girl with a snap. He and everyone else made people believe in Happy Days yet again. It also inspired another show set in a bygone era, That70s Show, where it taught people of the 1990's and 21's century to be cool and have fun, when there's not a thing to do

The first two seasons of HD were the best. The third season was pretty good, too. Haven't seen the rest, yet. Though, depending on fans, it might not be as good as the others. Watch this enjoyable piece of American television (before it...well, you know)