Reviews: Good Luck Charlie

Actually pretty good

Honestly,this is the best live-action disney show in a while.Compared to shows like Ant Farm,Austin & Ally,Liv And Maddie,Jessie etc, Good Luck Charlie is actually good. Unlike those shows the premise of Good Luck Charlie is fairly simple and realistic and doesn't try to be more than it is. The family isn't special or gifted in any way,they're not rich,they don't have superpowers,they're just an average family dealing with average every day problems that are realistic and relatable. And you can tell that the writers and producers actually put some time and effort into making this show humorous because the humor in this show is actually funny and amusing at times.I do find myself laughing a little when this show is on.The actors are all pretty good too. Bridget Mendler plays a believable and likable character as do the rest of the family. If the acting doesn't make me cringe and is believable then it is a show worthy of my time. It will be a shame to see this show go once it's time is up,but I must say that Disney Channel needs to go back to the simple formulas for shows such as That's So Raven,Life with Derek,Lizzie Mc Guire,etc. And they need to stop just making random shows just for the sake of making them,actually make them for a reason,and not just to fill up time or get in more ratings which are already low enough as it is.