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Still a Classic
"Drake and Josh" is definitely the gold standard when it comes to Nickelodeon sitcoms, especially those of Dan Schneider. The concept is not anything too complex, but considering it is a show for preteens and young teens, it doesn't matter. Among all the zany plots and hijinks meant to entertain younger viewers, there is an emotional core to the show that really appeals to an older audience. Both Drake and Josh have significant character development, and their friendship is incredibly poignant. It's definitely smarter than most Dan Schneider shows (upon reflection, I wonder if it's really an Affectionate Parody of sitcoms), and it has aged rather well in the past few series since it last aired. My main complaint is Megan, who starts out as just a fun prankster but ends up (somehow) becoming a pint-sized evil mastermind bent on ruining her brothers' lives for no real reason. She constantly got away with her antics and rarely shows any actual compassion for them. Otherwise, this show will always be the best Nickelodeon sitcom, in my opinion.
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