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What You Are In the Dark
A werewolf, vampire and ghost room together in an attempt to be as normal as possible. You wouldn't think a premise as relatively mundane as that would fly in the world of speculative fiction. But after blasting through the first season and halfway into the second one, I can safely say Syfy impressed me. My initial reservations would be that there'd be nothing for Sally, the ghost, to do, but that was safely laid to rest pretty early. Admittedly, Aidan, the vampire, always feels like he has the A plots, while Josh, the werewolf, and Sally switch off on B and C. Josh took me the longest to warm to because any time someone has to be responsible or call out Aidan or Sally for being irresponsible, the writers have him do it in the frankest, most dramatic way possible. What's truly interesting is to watch the characters try to reconcile what's left of their humanity with their newfound powers. Aidan's bloodlust is a constant fear in his life, Sally becomes addicted to one particular power of hers and Josh pushes people away instead of trusting them with his wolf.

I know this show is a restyling of Toby Whithouse's pet format, but I've never seen the English Being Human, and after finding out that the main cast leaves after series four leaves me no desire to. I like Josh, I like Aidan, and I like Sally, the three of them make Being Human for me. All three of them were normal people at one point in their lives and when they refer to themselves as monsters, its the cue that they're reaching emotional lowpoints. What I personally like best is the season one finale, which drove home that even though they don't say it, and quite often are forced into differing loyalties, they're a team. It has faults, like other shows, but I love Being Human.
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