Reviews: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 24 Mystery On The Friendship Express

The Game Is A-Hoof!

Well, this was an improvement over last week's, that's for sure but still not as great as two weeks before. Pinkie has been hit or miss this season for me.

First the good stuff...

  • Yay, Fluttershy has lines again! I was actually worried she was gonna be mute again like last week, which would be even more jarring since her VA is rather prominent as Pinkie in this episode.
  • Pinkie was tolerable, even funny at some points, possibly her best out of her three episodes.
  • I figured out who the most likely suspects when I saw the preview clip. But still, better than something predictable like Pinkie sleep eating.
  • Julia Child reference, I don't believe any kid will get that reference.
  • The mystery aspect was thought out & clearly tried to treat the audience with a little more respect on this one.

There are some negatives though...
  • The cutaways were funny but felt padded & made the actual investigation and resolution rushed. Honestly, more time could've been spent on other plot points.
  • I have to admit, I can see Rainbow Dash taking a bit, maybe Rarity, but Fluttershy is pushing it a bit. I mean she's the Element of Kindness for crying out loud. They know how important the cake is to Pinkie Pie & should know not to cave into temptation so easily. Still, it's not major character derailment as some episodes **COUGH MAREDOWELL COUGH** & at least they apologized.

Grade: B