Reviews: Voltaire

Really nice guy, and muscian. But he's not for everyone.

If you've ever watched The Grim Adventures of Billy and Many from Cartoon Network, you might have heard of him. He was the talking meteor from "Little Rock of Horrors", and did the intro song to their movie.

He's not for everyone. But if you kind of like dark stuff, from dark comedy, or dark themes, he might be for you.

He has done mostly cabere music, but he did do one country album, called "Hate Lives in a Small Town".

He has posted just about every single song of his on his YouTube page.

If I had to give someone a list of songs to try by him, or my top 10 best songs by him, it would be in no order:

"Almost Human"

"The Night"

"When You're Evil"


"The Churchyard"

"On the Road"

"Hell in a Handbasket"

"Robber Barron"

"The Beast of Pirate's Bay"

"This Ship's Going Down"

Go listen to his stuff on Spotify or YouTube to give him money.


Let me put it this way: you could spend your whole life listening to nothing but Voltaire songs, and you would have a varied and beautiful musical experience. This guy just does so much, and does it so well - comedy, tragedy, horror, love songs, you name it, he has it. If you listen to songs primarily for the music, then he's the guy for you - he has good rhythm, does beautiful and interesting things with a variety of instruments, and has a nice, versatile voice. If, on the other hand, you listen to songs primarily for the lyrics, then he's also the right guy for you. They are all so well-thought-out and meaningful, it's simply marvelous. I feel like this is what it would have been like listening to minstrels in the old days, who sang to tell people about the world, to weave a compelling story, to honor someone important to them, whatever. Voltaire's music feels like it's actually a form of communication, and not just something to tap your feet to (though you can do that, too). He's often made me laugh out loud and just as often he's made me choke up with tears. HIGHLY recommended.

My 2 Cents

Voltaire was something new to me, even though I had heard one of his songs ("Brains") before I even knew who he was. The first actual song I heard from him while learning of him was the song "When You're Evil", which to this day remains one of my own personal favorites.

You Tube helped me find his other songs, and each one was very well-made and catchy in their own right. His cover of The Cure's "Love Song", while not better than the original (since when is anything better than the original?), was closer to the source material than 311's reggae-ish cover.

Hearing him sing in Japanese in the song "Ringo No Uta" was quite a change, and yet he still made the song enjoyable due to his vocal range.

His various Star Trek/ Star Wars songs were an absolute blast to listen to (especially "Cantina" and "Sexy Data Tango"), and contain many homages and shout outs to said sources that many fans can catch.

All in all, a great and humorous musician, and one worth mentioning.

My Rating: 10 out of 10.

Koobaxion Reviews Presents: Voltaire

My history:

It was a while ago when I heard one of his songs. It was called "When You're Evil". I liked it, but I didn't give it much thought, but I kept the artist name for later. Now, a year and a half later, while browsing TV Tropes, I find him again. Coincidence allowed me to re-discover his musical style, and now I am listening to Songs from him all the time.


"Zombie Prostitute"
"Cannibal Buffet"
"Ex Lover's Lover"
"Graveyard Picnic"
"Feathery Wings"
His first album, "The Devil's Bris" is quite morbid, but not too morbid to squick too many people out. The album "Almost Human" has some songs that kind of blend together if you aren't focused on listening to the (at least for me), and has some really great songs. "Boo Hoo" has some more gimmick/fun songs, and is a good choice for fans of his first album. "There and Again" is his shortest album, at 9 songs, but a good choice for the die-hard fan. "Ooky Spooky" Has some good songs, and is about average, but has some hits. "To the Bottom of the Sea" is a real throwback to some of his earlier work plus a nice dash of soothing, slow songs, a la "Almost Human", and completely Pirate Punk.

And for all you Trekkies out there, His album "Banned on Vulcan" is a must. "USS Make Shit Up" in particular. Also, "I am Rammstein" is hilarious for fans of Rammstein.

End Rating:

8.8 out of 10