Reviews: Electric Six

Listen to them Now. NOW.

As I write this, I am listening to E6's latest album, Zodiac. I'm intentionally writing slowly so I can hear as much as possible before I have to do something else. Most of you will know Dick Valentine and his five fellow frequent flyers from Fire's 'Gay Bar.' But Fire was their first album. There have been many more, and all of them are music greats.

I would turn this review into an attempt to explain what makes them so great, but there just isn't enough room in 400 words. So I'll just quickly summarise three songs that are worth listening to and hope I incite you to listen to the rest of the songs along with them.

One Sick Puppy: Intensely cool, with lyrics that do something not enough songwriters are brave to do elsewhere: Make no sense, but willingly accept that nature without pretension. This is vaguely political and sexual, something that most of E6's "nonsense" songs tend to concern. The sound is awesome, the lyrics are cool, and if you don't laugh at the absurdity of it all or at least feel uplifted, then you are the title character.

Dance Commander: Just awesome. Lyrics focus on how great the Dance Commander is. Absurd? No. Truth.

Synthesiser: This song seriously made me cry. The song is about, well, synthesisers and how cool they are, but the semi-philosophical tone and general fun-ness of the lyrics are equal parts entertaining and moving.

I had a very hard time narrowing this down to three songs. Go buy any or all of their albums and have yourself a fun night filled with more emotions that you knew you had.