Reviews: Doctor Steel

A Man with a Vision

For anyone who's seen a Disney film (or any musical, for that matter), it is common knowledge that the villain tends to sing the best songs out of the bunch. Their catchy themes and sometimes-hammy attitude win the audience over, if only for a moment. However, it seems that one villain has gotten the idea and decided to use this talent for his own gain.

This man is Dr. Steel. Musician, mad scientist, and Future World Emperor, he possesses a persona combining conventional mad-scientist attributes with a flair unlike many other villains. Like many mad scientists, he has his own lab in some undisclosed location, performs several insidious experiments, has a labcoat, goggles, and gloves, and is self-proclaimed as "crazy" (but, whether he really is is another question entirely). But, unlike other mad scientists, he lacks a nemesis as a foil. In effect, he has gained considerable publicity, enlisting his fans into a "Toy Soldier Army" in his plans to take over the world.

Not to say that the world according to Dr. Steel would be a bad thing. His ideas about the subjective nature of reality and that we should simply enjoy ourselves are strangely empowering. Not to mention, he communicates such ideas via some kick-ass music, along with his feelings for revenge and world domination. Beware looking up one of his songs, for you may end up listening to them all in succession.

Not only does the good doctor express his feelings via music, but he also uses video. In particular is his "Dr. Steel Show", which (unfortunately) has only 3 episodes of this man being his maniacal, deranged, and loveable self.In addition are a variety of other videos portraying Doctor Steel, which elaborate his further views on reality, robotics, and the enjoyment of life, all the while being one of the biggest and greatest hams since William Shatner. In short, there may be one more to the Toy Soldier Army's ranks. Long live this future emperor of the world.