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Somebody PLEASE punch these people
So. Video Girl Ai. Lonely Nice Guy Yota gets a video tape that gets him a magic tomboy of a girlfriend, while he pines for his true love Moemi to return his affections. Be warned, gentle readers — here be many spoilers.

Still here? Okay, let's do this spoilerriffic review!

See, the basic concept of this manga is fairly simple — Yota meets a bunch of cute girls that are interested in him. But the main question of the series is if he'll date Moemi, who he's been in love with for a long time, or the titular Ai. At first, it's obvious to any mangareader with half a brain and/or a modicum of harem manga experience that dating either Moemi or Ai are the only real choices Yota's got. After about eight books, the series doesn't even try to pretend otherwise and just phases out all the other female characters, except for the Tomboy Natsumi who's turned into an Ill Girl instead.

That's where this manga goes from being pretty decent with some annoying moments to being downright insufferable.

First of all, it's filled with a truckload of Wangst. That, I can take, and even enjoy if it's done well. But then, pretty much every single character decides to be Cruel to Be Kind, and always in situations where that clearly works horribly badly. They always hide their true feelings, but always in ways that make it obvious to whoever they're talking to that they're not being honest with what they feel, and as a result almost every single dang encounter between two characters or more is spent with the both of them saying something they don't mean because "if I told the tuth it'd just hurt her/his feelings," and trying to figure out what the other person actually is feeling, since they can tell that they're not hearing the truth.

It makes me want to punch them and then punch them again.

Ai decides to stop hanging out with Yota completely, so that the scars from the romance they used to feel won't hurt either for him or her. But this leads to her living in the street, which is no more fun than it sounds, and despite all this, she still refuses to go back to live with Yota, because she doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Moemi.

Add a boatload of pretentious wangst to that, and you'll understand why I've started really hating this manga.
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