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Crazy Awesome Incarnate
Nichijou is hard to sum up. But I'll try.

It's funny, silly, endearing, and genuinely smart at times. The characters are all very likeable, and the sheer awesome, over dramatisation of the scenes makes them automatically funny.

It's also hard to stress how gorgeous the animation, music and voice acting is.

It doesn't have a plot, it's narratively weak, but that's all it has to be. One of the best anime I've ever seen. How on Earth it flopped is beyond me.
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Kyo Ani Does It Again
For all the Kyo Ani works that I have seen (read: all of them), the one show that I felt fit the studio the best was Nichijou. Why? It's a troll anime for a troll studio. Perfect matchmaking. Kyo Ani trolled us with Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1, ditching their planned 28 episodes to remake Kanon, a show that, while deserving of a remake from the "Meh" quality of the Toei adaptation, did not have to be placed during a time when the show called "The Next Evangelion" was airing. There was Haruhi S2, which I doubt I have to mention (for those who don't know, search for "Endless Eight"). While Kyo Ani trolls, I enjoy their work even more due to their trolling. They brought hopes down so low with the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, only to suddenly and drastically revitalize it with the airing of the movie. In the same way, Nichijou trolls, but it is that trolling that makes the show more enjoyable. From absurd and insane characters like Sasahara-sempai, who regularly rides to school on a goat and brings his butler to class with him, to Mai, who inventively thinks of new ways to screw around with the resident "dumb jock" Yuuko, making her the resident "troll". This show has heart, from the characters to the storylines. But on the other hand, Nichijou is very much a "love it or hate it" show. Some call it "the successor to Azumanga Diaoh" while others think it boring and inane. In my personal opinion, Nichijou is brilliant. The animation and backgrounds are all detailed and fluid, the OP, ED, and BGM are all wonderfully timed and done, and the storyline strikes just the right balance between heartwarming and hysterical. Putting it all together, Nichijou was another home run for Kyo Ani.
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Slice of Life up to eleven!
If you're looking for a peaceful slice of life featuring four school girls having fun, you're watching the wrong Kyo Ani adaptation. Nichijou is anything but you're average slice of life. It's an anime that lives and breathes What Do You Mean Its Not Awesome? to the point that even the most trivial occurrences are given all the flare and drama you'd expect from your average shonen action series.

The show boasts a gorgeous animation which goes further than it has to at some points. Most notably during a scene where they simulate a camera spinning around a desk, in a manner much like a football game. Yet at the same time the animation style can be simple to the point of looking like it was pulled straight out of the manga. The music is always ear pleasing and simple, perfectly suited for such a series.

One of the best things about the series is it's expansive cast of characters, each of whom the show takes time to focus on and develop, rather than centering the entire series on a small handful. But when it comes down to it, there are only six true main characters.

At the center stage is Yuuko Aioi, someone who if you didn't know any better, you'd think was the average shonen idiot hero. Mio acts as the straight man to Yuuko's antics, while the latter herself finds herself baffled by the antics of resident emotionless gadfly, Mai.

The other half of the main cast starts one of the most deep and interesting characters in a series that's otherwise comedic. Ridiculously Human Robot Nano just wants to be a normal human. She wants to make friends and go to school, just like any other girl her (apparent) age. Unfortunately her creator is an eight year old mad scientist who's sole goal in life is to be a tremendous brat and make Nano's life miserable. Last but certainly not least is a talking cat by the name of Sakamoto, who tries to be the authority figure in a series where such things don't exist. Throughout the first half of the series these two sides are kept strictly apart, and only converge once Nano achieves her dream of going to school.

Though the show's mostly comedic in nature, there are moments that will truly tug at most heartstrings, especially when Nano and her desire for acceptance is concerned.

If you're looking for a gut-busting riot with lots of memorable characters and stellar animation, Nichijou is an absolute must!

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