Reviews: Maid Sama

Started out strong...then...

I wanted to like Maid-sama and for a while I really did. Misaki was pretty cool and while Usui could get annoying, he was entertaining with his sharp wit. It had its funny moments for sure. Then it dropped hard. I disliked how Misaki's personality made a complete 180 whenever Usui was around and her 'badass' personality was nothing more than an overdone Tsundere, hating Usui for some pretty idiotic reasons. And Usui...good Lord. His 'perfect' personality was so exaggerated its not even funny. The worst part is that neither of them changed. Oh, Misaki did, but not for the better.

Now, while it just sounds like I'm trashing the series, its not BAD. Just...remarkably mediocre. It's a fun ride but hardly any development in the main leads...AND their relationship.

If I sound a bit unfair in my review, I'm sorry but I have little tolerance for cliches and poorly done tsunderes.