Reviews: Jojos Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood

The Bizarre Adventure Begins

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a great series, and I think what helps is that there's no truly weak part. This is especially the case for Phantom Blood, widely considered one of the weakest parts, yet it still manages to be a gripping story of good versus evil.

Phantom Blood's protagonist Jonathan is a very relatable guy, he's a meek noble doing his best to become what he believes to be a gentleman, but when Dio comes into his life he becomes entangled in events far greater than anyone could have predicted. The two have some of the best villain-hero chemistry in the series, and they both push each other to develop into something far greater, with Jonathan becoming a paragon, and Dio an utter monster.

The overall structure is a Victorian drama turned vampire-slaying battle in Britain, which remains unique to this day. The battles are a bit all over the place, with a good battle there, a lackluster battle there, and occasionally just what is essentially a padded filler battle. Really the biggest highlights are all of the Jonathan versus Dio battles, which all remain great to this day. Otherwise the battles are meh.

The supporting cast has both memorable characters that are fondly remembered such as Speedwagon, Zeppeli or Erina, to just kinda ok characters such as Poco, Dire and Tonpetty. I wouldn't say there's an outright bad character, but it ranges from good to just alright.

Overall Phantom Blood is a fun ride. I'd say it's short length is the biggest flaw, but on the flip side it makes it easier to watch/read. It certainly deserves to be checked out for anyone who wants to get into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, even if it does have problems. I'd say all in all it's probably my third favorite part despite all it's noticeable problems. I hope everyone else can come to enjoy the beginning to this memorably bizarre adventure.