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Part Dos
And Araki has one hell of an imagination. We get a lot of...Interesting scenarios, ranging from sniper duels with rats, fights with sentient plankton in prison, life-or-death catch in prison, hell, even a life or death game of rock-paper-scissors. With the hero stands usually being more direct, and the villanous scum usually attacking indirectly, it all leads to delicious chess matches, that leave you both on the edge of your seat, and on the Thinker's pose.

With fights and powers this varied, and colorful, you might forgive the series a little, for having bland, and uninteresting characters as a result. Luckily, they're not. For the most part, these are just great characters. Barring the first Jojo, Jonathan, a lot of the main heroes, and their companions, are gigantic jerks in their own right. Even if some of them can kill without batting an eye, or snark with tounges sharper than blades, the heroes, at their core, are just so good. When you see the sheer willpower they exert, or how much they value the ones they love, it's hard not to admire them, even when they have their fair share of flaws. Araki wanted to celebrate the human spirit, and his heroes are living testament to the undying determination of man. The villains are similarly entertaning, yet in a completely different way; yes, a lot of them have rather cruel backstories, but a few redeeming traits do not change the fact that they're complete and utter assholes, you look forward to see getting pummeled into a juicy pulp. Even the side villains are surprisingly interesting characters, with deep backstories, and different flavors of assholeness.

Jojo is kind of a mess. Not even longtime fans can deny that it can get hard to follow. However, you can easily look over that, because of how fun it all is. Everything is (literally) bursting with color and creativity, and there's just so much heart put into it, that you can't help but look past it all. It's the kind of mess that you want to immerse yourself in; you want to see how far ol' Araki will go, and at times, you'll go all the way to the beginning just to see how much things have changed. I can talk more about it, but I think I've said all that needs to be said, Incredible to look at, even more fun to read, JoJo is an experience you can't find in many places. Check it, if you have the time.
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A review of the series as a whole: Part I
JoJo is the kind of series that draws in more interest than readers. The premise of a bizarre, and heart pounding battle manga, that focuses more on tactics rather than plowing through grabs the attention of many, but at the same time, they're drawn away by the sheer length of it all. With eight parts, each long enough to be there own manga, is the tale of the Joestars one worth your time?

The big problem with JoJo is that it's all kind of a mess, at times. Araki's not afraid to experiment with his story, which is both its biggest strength, and largest failing; at times, the story presents many questions, and elements; half of which are neglected, as the series continues. A simple question, like, say, "How did Dio get inside the Coffin, when Erina was in the same one" seems a bit nitpicky at first, but it's hard to not let that small detail fester in your head. The fights, as amazingly fun as they are, can also get a bit hard to follow; the string of gambits that you come to expect from each fight sometimes gets tied up, in a hard-to-unravel knot, and you'll be re-reading whole mini-arcs, just to understand what the hell went on. With all this, what reason is there to follow JoJo?

The answer's simple, really; it's an absolute blast, all the way through. Araki's willingness to experiment is as much of a flaw, as it is a strength; it gives the series a unique feel that can't be found anywhere else, and it's just great read each part, to see how much things have changed. This also gives each part its own flavor; all of them being able to stand as great, unique stories in their own right. No matter how much the artstyle, the characters, or even the mainstay power changes, the core of the series manages to stay the same; pushing each character's will, wits, their abilities, and your suspension of disbelief to the damn limit.

Convoluted as they might get, a lot of the fights are nonetheless clever, fast paced and, well, bizarre. Even in the first parts, Jojo gets to show you everything a mystic martial arts based on breathing can do; ranging from leaf-gliders, to killer clackers, to killer bubbles. With the introduction of stands, however, things get even more crazy, as the only limit to the diversity of powers is the imagination of the author.

To be continued in Part II

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2
Venturo Aureo: A very divided opinion on this one. Story-wise, it goes all over the place, going from the rather bland son of Dio wanting to become a mafia boss to protecting the boss' daughter from the crazed boss himself, the rather pointless inclusion of a third group when it either wasn't needed as it cost screentime for the big bad and his minions or was not executed well, the sudden deaths of main characters that seem pointless and forced when the series is usually good at portraying tragic deaths and the ending that was anti-climatic and dragged out. That being said, the fights with the Stands have taken a whole new level, being extremely action packed and paced when before it was only cunning that made the fights interesting. What stands out is the stand that involves the user's death to activate and the twisted former doctor Cioccolatta.

Stone Ocean: Easily the third best in the series, the protagonist's journey from disorganized teen to badass when her father (the badass Jotaro) is knocked out is very moving. The Big Bad is easily the best that the show has produced so far, his tragedy, his overpowered-ness and his resourcefulness made him a truly threatening enemy. The fights escalate as usual, being even more insane than before. The tragedy comes back at full force, making the deaths of the heroes as well as their own tragedies stand out more. The fact that is empowers the fact that girls can fight and not be there for support, works for this arc's advantage.

Steel Ball Run: 2nd best in the series, it captures the journey aspect of SC, well having the humor and crazy awesomeness of BT, building up a beautiful friendship that only gets stronger as the characters develop as people and their bonds strengthen, making the eventual deaths all the more tragic. Its only flaw is while the Big Bad is the most sympathetic so far, he's the 2nd least interesting villain in the series, which is made up for when he brings a Dio with the World's powers which leads to an epic brawl.

As of Jojolion, its not complete yet, so my opinion can't be made as of yet.
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a very excellent manga to read. It's unlike any manga that I've ever read, being a multi generational story that focuses on one hero at a time, therefore even if you read one part, it functions as its own story without having to look back onto previous adventures to know what's going on. That being said, it does have its ups and downs

Phantom Blood- A by the book Shōnen story with a surprising twist at the end and a great villain. It's only flaw is its fast pace and standardized hero.

Battle Tendency- AWESOME Incartnate, the main protagonist. the fast paced comedy, the battle against the nigh invincible Pillar Men, all of which are memorable and the story is some of the best and unique I've ever seen in a manga. It's one of the few stories that perfects the rival story, making you feel sorry when he dies.

Stardust Crusaders- It's above average, its worst moments are the often pointless enemies that pester the heroes and only a truly threatening enemy comes along once in a while. But its those moments that are the most memorable, especially the Daniel D'Arby, J.Geil, Pet Shop and Vanilla Ice fights. It is also significantly longer allowing you to travel along the heroes' journey, and feel sorry when they die. But by far the best part is Jotaro, being a total Badass, if lacking in noticeable traits, and his final fight with Dio, which is some of the best I've ever seen in a manga in its pace, suspense and overall awesomeness. Plus the new system, Stands make the fights very unique since it relies on figuring out how to beat your opponent's powers' flaws rather than overpowering them.

Diamond is Unbreakable- It's average, it's more light hearted than the previous parts and the slice of life stuff aren't too bad since it allows the heroes a breather after a fight. The major flaws is the filler, that Joseph cheated on his wife to force a Joestar protagonist and that we never figure out who the person who saved Josuke was. That being said, the fight with the main villain, who is very unique in his humble ambitions, is epic and well thought out.
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This is what is was waiting for.
Jojo in probably one of the most influential manga ever. This is no surprise. The quality of the story is stunning. It is rare now to read a manga with a story that is decided from the start. Granted everybody just punches each other in the face, but on this short character moments i can find more development than in most 100 chapters of other manga. The problem with Jojo is that at face value is seems stupid, but when you go deeper there is a whole more to it. The style of the drawings is very rare to see and the anime is doing a good job at showing it. Overall i give Jojo a 11/10 rating.
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One manga you SHOULD'NT miss!
Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is a manga that needs no introduction for dedicated and long standing fans of manga. For those new to manga,JJBA is an awesome and long running series that starts off as story of Jonathon Joestar,a young boy in Victorian England trying to put down Dio Brando,his charismatic and ruthless vampire nemesis,and evolves into a saga spanning more than a century in which several protagonists(all related in one way or the other to Jonathon or Dio) faces off against a host of exotic villains including serial killers,mafiosi and ancient super beings!

The story of this manga is exceptionally well written with just the right amount of thrill,action,horror,awesomeness and humor mixed into the stew.All the protagonists and the antagonists are well designed and interesting characters,and some of them count among the MOST BADASS characters ever created in any work of fiction ! The fights are very well choreographed,most of the combatants have very unique (and sometimes downright quarky)abilities and above all ,the fighters(even the minor ones) put their grey matter to good use,unlike many other contemporary manga characters. Additionally,keep in mind that this manga is definitely NOT a just series of battles strung together.There is plenty of humor,character development & meaningful bonding between friends and comrades,interesting and eventful stretches of globe trotting and even old school detective work involved(with some supernatural supplements). So next time you are looking for a good manga series to pursue,pick JJBA. Enjoyment is guaranteed !
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