Reviews: Detective Conan


Since I started Detective Conan and discovered just how long the series is, my feelings have been mixed. On the one hand, the early seasons are incredibly thrilling and suspenseful. The romance couples, as well as the comic relief characters(Sonoko, Kogoro) round off the series nicely.

I feel that several plot points in this series have been overused to the point of stagnation. In other words, milked dry, as the earlier troper stated. Nobody really buys Ran's obliviousness to Conan's identity anymore. Many characters that used to have interesting developments in earlier seasons have been downgraded to flat or uninteresting characters. Although cases following the Detective Boys weren't nearly as interesting as the others(in my opinion), I do miss the days when they used to have separate, individual personalities. The romances are predictable and while they are moving towards a (slow) conclusion, they aren't nearly as enjoyable as they used to be. Because any romantic development is very obviously being delayed.

As for the Black Organization? This plot has barely moved forward since the beginning. While many characters have been introduced that have infiltrated the Organization and are trying to take it down, there has been almost no appearance or mention of them. Nor have they uncovered much information. It is a pity, because it's a good plot, but it's been slowed down to the point of absurdity. At this pace, Conan(the kid, not the high-schooler) should be in his middle ages by the time they're finally exposed.

While I enjoy and still closely follow the series, I really, REALLY wish that it would come to an end already, because it's already dipping in quality due to sheer Arc Fatigue.

Are We Done Yet?

Detective Conan, the story of a high schooler shrunken to the size and age of a six year old, takes over 900 chapters by now and supposedly spanning over multiple years and yet he hasn't aged a single day since!

As entertaining the idea was, this series is going on much too long. Conan is nowhere near closer to getting his real age back permanently than he was in Chapter 2 and we're getting close to 1.000 chapters up to now.

While I stopped watching the anime years ago, mostly due to the series no longer being shown on German TV or newer episodes taking too long to being released in the west, I do still read the manga. Unfortunately, this series is deader than any of the corpses you can find on every corner in this manga.

Perhaps this is Aoyama's lifework and he wants to end the series as his final manga before retiring. Or perhaps he's trying to get every creative murder idea out of his head to make room for new ideas, though looking at the cases as you proceed in reading, they all begin to be pretty much the same just with some name changes here and then.

The huge amount of characters doesn't make it any better. Some of them appear and then they disappear for so long that, when they are mentioned again, you can barely remember what was going on. And the constant pairings of Childhood Friends, whether Victorious or Unlucky, are just really boring since there is no dynamic anymore. These two have known each other since they've been kids. They're gonna end up together, you just know it. Moving on.

Some of the methods and ways of killing someone can still be entertaining to figure out, if you can figure out the hints that you generally lack in translated versions due to so many hints being wordplays on Japanese one may not know, but for the most part, Aoyama needs to stop this series. It lost all novelty and every new plot twist that actually has to do with the plot of "I want my age back and take down the Black Organization" just adds more layers that ultimately mean nothing.

At this point, my personal theory is that the series ends with Conan bringing down the Black Organization but getting fatally wounded and dying in Ran's arms as he reveals his true nature to her. I will continue to read the manga to see it through to the end, but honestly, my theory seems like a pretty good idea right now.

Milked dry

Detective Conan is a manga/anime series that i used to follow religiously, but after awhile, I started to just stick to watching the canon episodes once I realized that this series was set to go on for quite some time (over 200 episodes are anime filler!). Filler episodes are, 90% of the time, lower quality compared to Gosho's cases from the manga so skipping a filler here and there would probably leave a better impression when reviewing D.C.

As for the series itself, it's been milked to death. The recent cases have mostly been following the same predictable format, and the Black Organization is no where closer to being destroyed as it started out from the very first chapter. The few "complex" cases are usually just fake-monster cases that involve Heiji, and the romance side-stories just aren't that interesting anymore now that the primary one, Sato and Takagi, have finally become an official couple after much delay.