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Milked dry
Detective Conan is a manga/anime series that i used to follow religiously, but after awhile, I started to just stick to watching the canon episodes once I realized that this series was set to go on for quite some time (over 200 episodes are anime filler!). Filler episodes are, 90% of the time, lower quality compared to Gosho's cases from the manga so skipping a filler here and there would probably leave a better impression when reviewing D.C.

As for the series itself, it's been milked to death. The recent cases have mostly been following the same predictable format, and the Black Organization is no where closer to being destroyed as it started out from the very first chapter. The few "complex" cases are usually just fake-monster cases that involve Heiji, and the romance side-stories just aren't that interesting anymore now that the primary one, Sato and Takagi, have finally become an official couple after much delay.
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